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Claritum’s cloud based spend management platform streamlines the buying and selling of complex products and services. Buyers, suppliers and experts collaborate in the cloud to improve spend visibility and control, achieve cost savings and efficiencies and to reduce risk and waste.


Claritum's Solution for Procurement Collaboration

Customers or Users

Claritum’s solution delivers significant process efficiencies for your customers and users. It’s quicker and easier to use than manual sourcing or single vendor catalogs. Automating and streamlining the processes for them to raise requests and process orders.


Claritum’s solution enables suppliers to receive and process bid requests, orders and invoices. As well as providing administrative features for self populating supplier information. Automation can extend into the supplier directly, even including stock management and automation of orders and invoices.

Experts or Category Managers

Expert Buyers and Service Providers can take strategic control of their category of spend, rather than being just an administrator of spend. Plus, at the detailed level they can capture orders, aggregate demand and streamline operations to bring more spend under management.


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efficiency improvement

days saved per event

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