The benefits of Claritum's cloud based spend management platform

Spend Visibility

Claritum provides real time visibility of every transaction locally, nationally and globally. View line item detail throughout the source-to-settle process and across your supply chain. Read our Spend Visibility White Paper

Control and Compliance

Control every penny of your expenditure. Claritum enables centralised control of local purchasing, enforces compliance and best practice across your business.

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Process Efficiencies

Release your employees from burdensome admin through source-to-settle automation. Streamline your supply chain to eliminate errors and waste. See our page about improving procurement efficiency

Low Cost / Low Risk Solution

Claritum is a lower cost and lower risk alternative to manual sourcing or outsourcing to a third party. No or low upfront costs, with low monthly subscriptions. Our revenues and aligned to your success. View our product tour

Cost Savings

Claritum delivers significant, measurable and sustainable cost savings to your business. Optimize savings while controlling quality and service. Lock in year on year savings. View our cost savings infographic

Create Value

Claritum enables organisations to create more value from their sourcing. Be more responsive, service your customers better, get deeper insights into your business and collaborate more with suppliers and partners.

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