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5 Steps for Procurement to Impact on Financial Results

This White Paper covers some of the key things that need to be in place for Procurement to be able to maximise on financial performance of their organisation. Focusing on 5 Steps for Procurement to get in good shape for impacting on financial results.

7 Ways to Transform eProcurment Adoption

This White Paper covers a key aspect of eProcurement adoption. Looking at factors that affect adoption, such as ease of use, system usefulness, system reliability, training, user involvement and management and vendor support.

eProcurement adoption can shift transaction processing to the end users who actually use the purchased goods or services, freeing up supply management personnel for strategic value-creation work and ensuring users see purchasing efficiency gains. So, adoption and acceptance of eProcurement systems by employees, who make purchases, is important to ensure improved organisational effectiveness.

White Papers Claritum
White Papers Claritum

An Introduction to Tail Spend and Why You Need a Technology Based Solution

This White Paper, written by Dr Michael Lamoureux the Editor of Sourcing Innovation and a contributor for Spend Matters, is an introduction to tail spend and tackles some of the most important questions such as:

  • What is Tail spend?
  • How do you take full control of your unmanaged spend?
  • How the right technology can get tail spend under control

This white paper will provide detailed answers to these questions…

Considerations when choosing a Print Procurement Platform

Of the £200bn annually spent on print globally, it is estimated that between 25% and 30% of this is wasted through a manual ordering process, poor procurement practices and process inefficiencies. This waste can be eliminated by adopting a Print Procurement Platform…

White Papers Claritum
White Papers Claritum

Gaining visibility and control of complex expenditure

We define some of the characteristics that make dealing with complex expenditure so difficult and discuss a number of initiatives and best practices that can be adopted within an organisation in order to drive significant, measurable and sustainable cost savings and efficiencies.

Spend Analysis for Complex Categories

For most organisations complex indirect spend categories pose an opportunity for significant savings and efficiencies but are seen as too challenging to address. However, savings of up to 40% can be achieved if the right approach is taken.

White Papers Claritum
White Papers Claritum

11 steps to selecting the best cloud-based spend management platform

Selecting the best cloud-based spend management platform for your company is not something that should be rushed. In this short guide we will focus on the basic steps that you need to follow to avoid getting lost in the process. Each of these will include a check list that will enable you to mark off each section as you complete it.

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