Coming Soon - Our New Supplier Network Program

Upgrade now to benefit from more advanced functionality soon to be offered by our platform

Optimise Quote to Order conversions to build your business

Access performance data for requests and orders

What’s New?

Choose between three different plans enabling some new capabilities such as:


Feedback Alerts

receive feedback alerts informing you about won/lost bids


Easier Invoicing

access to the invoicing tool

Enhanced Profiles

ability to enhance the profile data

Trend Analysis Tools

ability to perform trend analysis based on the request and order historical data


Improved Integration

easy integration capabilities

Improved Dashboards

access to the performance data for requests and orders via Dashboard functionality

In order to access these extra features, and many more, you will have the option to upgrade from the free plan into either the Growth or Business Pro plan. Remember, you can stay on the free plan and process your tasks the way you do today.

For more details about the Supplier Network Program and available plans, suppliers support, “How do I” instructions and FAQ, please log in to the Claritum and check the Help section available in a top right corner of the Home page.

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