Spend Management for Creative Production

Improve efficiency, save money and add value.

Benefits of spend management for creative production agencies

A spend management platform can help your creative production agency save money, improve efficiency and add value. Claritum spend management platform allows you to save money by helping you buy goods and services at the right price and from the right suppliers. It streamlines the procurement processes to improve efficiency.

Manage ordering easily

Streamline procurement processes. Buy goods and services at the right price and from the right suppliers and manage ordering easily and efficiently for a wide range of products and services.


Create and publish RFx templates

Our platform provides structured closed-bid RFx (Request-for-Quote, Request-for-Proposal) and contract (pre-negotiated volume based deals). This empowers buyers to establish a baseline or market volume price and take advantage of market variances through spot pricing RFxs.

Provide customers with online ordering

Add value to clients by providing them with an easy to use self-service online ordering system. This encourages repeat orders and makes processing orders simple and easy to track.

Protect Brands

Protect and manage brands, build ordering templates to ensure compliance to brand guidelines is adhered to. Ensure your message is effectively communicated locally, nationally and globally.

Grow Revenues

Deploying a spend management solution will help your agency grow revenues by driving up transaction volumes and enable orders to be managed more efficiently. It also will enable your creative agency to improve your offering and attract higher value customers.

Control Costs

Gain control of your costs by bringing spend under management. Save between 15-40% and get full visibility of your spend.

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Sourcing tools to help you manage volume based deals.

Standardize pricing from approved suppliers for commonly ordered products and services.

Manage your suppliers with ease. Set up supplier profiles and monitor their performance.

Set up catalogs with an easy to use store front to capture orders and centrally control buying.

Claritum Invoicing can help you keep in control of your cash-flow.

Claritum reports allow you to access data about every transaction, globally and in real time.

Integrate with your existing systems for a smooth integrated workflow

Claritum is trusted to deliver significant savings and efficiencies by leading creative production agencies such as

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