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Every year, companies make millions of purchases that are too small to be handled by procurement or too infrequent to be included in a single vendor catalog.

Tail Spend accounts for up to 20% of spend


Products are sourced manually by inexperienced buyers


Too many suppliers is difficult to manage and control


Enterprise ERP too cumbersome and slow


Claritum’s tail spend management platform is the solution to tail spend

The platform streamlines the buying and selling of complex products and services. Buyers, suppliers and experts collaborate in the cloud to improve spend visibility and control, achieve cost savings and efficiencies and to reduce risk and waste.

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Sourcing tools to help you manage volume based deals.


Standardize pricing from approved suppliers for commonly ordered products and services.


Manage your suppliers with ease. Set up supplier profiles and monitor their performance.


Set up catalogs with an easy to use store front to capture orders and centrally control buying.


Claritum Invoicing can help you keep in control of your cash-flow.


Claritum reports allow you to access data about every transaction, globally and in real time.


Integrate with your existing systems for a smooth integrated workflow


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