The Claritum team can offer services to help you define your requirements. Recommending a solution and assisting in configuring and customising the Claritum cloud suite.

Although many of our customers use the cloud suite “out of the box”, using the configuration, process and branding capabilities to design their specific solution, there are sometimes requirements to adapt to specific operation models or to add additional functionality.

Examples include adding reports that are relevant to your specific operational environment; adding process steps into the overall workflow to address a specific need; or building in a totally new feature that adds value to the solution offered.


A good example of this customisation was the inclusion of “order window” functionality.

The requirement was to be able to consolidate multiple requests for supply across an organisation for a single purchase order to then be generated. By opening up a defined period of time within which users could add their requirements it was possible to consolidate requirements over a period of time. This time period could be days or weeks depending on the need at the time.

This customer request was delivered onto the Claritum cloud suite over a 4 week period, including customer testing of the functionality and acceptance.

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