We offer a range of services to support our customers

To deliver more value to clients, Claritum offers a range of additional services. These services give clients the option to enhance service levels, reduce risk and add more value to your Claritum deployment:









Our consultancy services are focused on Spend Analysis, as part of a migration project onto the Claritum platform. Providing consultancy advice on where to focus for savings, how to reduce supplier numbers and ongoing analytics and dashboards needed. As well as providing advice on the project plan itself to implement the Claritum solution.

Customisation Services

Although many of our customers use the solution “out of the box”, using the configuration, process and branding capabilities to design their specific solution, there are sometimes requirements to adapt the solution to specific operation models or to add additional functionality.┬áThe Claritum team can offer services to help to define these requirements, recommend a solution and customize the Claritum platform.

Integration Services

Integration is the most often used service provided by Claritum. Using our comprehensive APIs we provide integration to many different systems, including financial, payment, warehouse and ERP platforms. ensuring that an overall process workflow is established across these integration points.

Cloud Delivery

Claritum’s platform is deployed in the Cloud and by its nature, as a cloud service, it is managed and supported by Claritum. These services to the most extent are invisible to the customer, however there can be examples of needing specific hosting arrangements where Claritum can offer additional services.


Customer Support

Our customer Service Level Agreement provides the support appropriate to most of our customers, however where necessary we can provide customer specific SLAs


Business Continuity

The solution provides a mirrored hosting environment for instant continuity


Flexible Agreements

Claritum’s standard agreement terms reflect our culture of making things simple to use and open to all. However, we recognise that some of our customers would like to make changes or add conditions. This again fits well with our culture of flexibility and design for change.

Claritum is trusted by over 150,000 users in 35 countries to deliver significant savings and efficiencies

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