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Reporting (Standard)

Claritum captures data from users, requisitions, quotes, orders, deliveries and invoices and provides the reports needed by management as standard. Monitor inbound requisitions and orders, track costs and supplier performance and keep an eye of approvals, spending and...

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Global Rate Cards

Aggregate volume to leverage greater spend. Negotiate better prices with suppliers using Claritum’s Global Rate Card capability. Publish standard product pricing to all clients to drive increased volume. Rate cards also have the capability to support multi-suppliers,...

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Goods Receipting

Claritum provides the tools to monitor expected deliveries and allows users to receipt goods as a single delivery or in multiple batches for part shipments. The platform carries forward any balance yet to be delivered. Users can also check and approve or reject goods...

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Approve Order

Manage spend limits by user and by order to enforce spending limits. Orders exceeding pre-defined spend limits are routed for line manager approval, with escalation workflow. Escalate approvals to line managers Contact your super users or your Claritum client success...

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Raise Purchase Order

Create Purchase Orders in just a few clicks. Dependent on user permissions, Claritum allows authorized users to initiate purchase orders for single part and multi-part projects. Purchase orders can include a unique purchase order reference code alongside key dates and...

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Receive Sales Order

For Service Providers, Claritum provides the tools to receive sales orders against quotations. Your clients or your client facing users can confirm sales orders, budget codes, cost centres and other reference codes. These codes can be mandatory or optional and can be...

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Specify (Advanced)

For advanced users, use category specific specification entry templates to ensure complete and accurate specifying. These structured questionnaires capture every aspect of the requirement (including size, materials, colour, packing, quantities, document upload etc) to...

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Specify (Basic)

Specify any product or service quickly and easily using Claritum. Enter product name, description, unit of measure and quantity. Assign to a product category for more accuracy and upload supporting documents such as bill of materials or despatch instructions. Specify...

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Bid Evaluation

Assess all bids in a single view. Compare price, quality, schedule and budget to fully evaluate your options. Lowest price is highlighted. View historical supplier performance to reduce decision risk. Drill down into supplier bids to understand detailed costings and...

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Bid Award

Select the winning supplier and award bid. Following bid award, Claritum provides options to notify the winning supplier directly from Claritum, route the bid award notification to your ERP / Procurement platform or, for service providers, create a quotation...

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Margin & Fees

For procurement service providers, Claritum provides a range of commercial options including fixed and variable mark-up (cost plus), average margin, fee based arrangements, sell-though (no margin applied) and contingent savings (where fees are based on performance...

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Client Quote

Create and send client quote with a single click. Use pre-formatted quote templates, include optional terms and conditions and route client quotes to your contacts. Client’s receive an email notification including quote description and unique reference and have the...

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Copy and Copy / Amend

Copy or copy and amend previous specifications and orders quickly and easily. Create a duplicate project with a unique project ID, with or without suppliers and prices. Amend specifications to check alternative specifications. Eliminate the need to re-specify single...

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Rate Cards

Rate Cards are a great way to leverage your spend volume and view contracted prices for standard products and services instantly. Authorised users can specify a base product, add options, quantity break points and specify whether break point only or intermediate...

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