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Claritum in 30 seconds

Companies spend up to 20% of their revenues on frequently ordered low value goods and services. These transactions are too small to be managed by procurement experts and too unpredictable to be sourced by a single vendor catalog. Claritum streamlines sourcing, procurement and billing in one easy to use cloud based platform.

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5 Steps to Procurement Maturity

What stage is your business at? Businesses experience common problems which occur at similar stages in their development on the road to maturity. Identifying where your business is in it’s development can help you to assess your current challenges, such as where you need to invest time and energy and where you need to make strategic changes.

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Purchasing is evolving

As we slowly creep toward brighter economic times, the focus on cost cutting that comes naturally during austere periods is moving on too. While 88% of CPO’s believe they have fulfilled or exceeded their savings targets over the last five years, only two thirds...

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Let the games begin

What exactly is game theory and how can it help in procurement and supplier management? Angus Craig and Daniel Crease do the maths. Working life is all about our interactions with other people and the way we choose to react to different people in different...

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Create more value with Claritum

In today’s uncertain economic climate, many businesses are looking to increase their profit margins by focusing more on cutting costs rather than increasing revenue. In many instances, this goal may be desirable if a company can sustain current revenues while...

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Supply Chain Brief

eProcurement Claritum

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