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Stop chasing your tail

Are you still chasing your tail spend? Does your business spend millions on ad hoc and unpredictable low cost products and services?

You know the kind of things that most businesses don’t plan for, but still spend 10-20% of their revenues on. The type of transactions that are too small for procurement to bother with but too numerous to ignore.

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Procurement Dashboards

Why build a procurement dashboard? If you spend a lot of your time looking at reports and trying to make sense of the information you get from different sources such as excel spreadsheets, ERP systems, accounting software, databases and manual forms then you could benefit from building a procurement dashboard.

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Complex Tail Spend Management

Complex indirect spend categories or ‘Tail Spend’ present unique sourcing challenges to most organisations. These categories are characterised by being unpredictable in their demand, they require accurate specifications, are deadline driven and often have a low average order value.

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Supply Chain Brief

Supply Chain Brief

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