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Technologies that Impact Procurement

There are a lot of articles around on what Procurement needs to do; how Procurement needs to change; and how technology will fundamentally change Procurement. Rather than repeat these and try to tell you what you already know, that change is a good thing if it produces better results. This article summarises, as a table, technology areas that impact on Procurement that you might need to investigate.

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Is your ERP Driving you nuts? (article)

 Over the last few months we've come across a number of instances where legacy ERP is holding a company back. Whilst many organisations require a single monolithic platform for core processes, such as manufacturing and financials, ERP can hinder growth and negatively...

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Early Payment Discount Automation (article)

Early payment discounts are increasingly being leveraged by organisations to gain additional discounts from their suppliers. However, making these savings requires a fast turnaround on any invoicing. It is not sufficient just to agree early payment discounts contractually: you have to be in a position to realise these discounts.

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