Wahooti at the forefront of promotional procurement on Claritum

Published March 2019

Bath, UK (March 1st, 2019) – Claritum, a provider of cloud based spend management solutions, today announced that Wahooti has further increased their procurement of branded office furnishings, using the Claritum platform, with the expansion in the supply of branded frosted glass and large scale wall posters.

"Leveraging Claritum's comprehensive RFx capabilities." said Richard Hillum, Executive Chairman at Claritum. "Wahooti is able to raise requests to their suppliers and process responses with corresponding orders and receipts transacted through the platform."

Wahooti and Claritum

Arguably one of the most innovative businesses to be found in the city of London, Wahooti support UK and international clients such as AMVBBDO and WPP group, SapientNitro and WeWork to name a few.


Building strong customer and supplier relationships for custom and ad-hoc requirements, Wahooti benefits from a structured closed bid RFx (RFQ/RFP) process. Single part or multi-part projects can be sourced from single or multiple suppliers to component level, so Wahooti can compare whether to single source an entire project or buy components from specific vendors. Variances can be quickly and easily created to respond rapidly to Wahooti's customers needs.


Another key piece of functionality, that is used extensively by Wahooti on the Customer Portal, is the Catalogue functionality.

Wahooti can configure catalogues and publish selected products and services to individual customers. Wahooti can capture repeat orders through the Customer Portal or trigger a requirement for a more specific tailored item.

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