Mozambique takes Claritum beyond 70 operating countries

Published November 2018

Mozambique makes it 70 countries!

Claritum has added Mozambique to the list of user countries on the Claritum eProcurement cloud-based platform

"Claritum has passed the 70 country mark, doubling the number of countries in the last 12 month period." said Prof. Richard Hillum, Executive Chairman at Claritum. "I am pleased that we are expanding in all geographies, including the African continent."

eWorld - March 2017

Claritum now has users across the globe. Stretching from South Africa to Finland and from Spain to New Zealand (diametric opposites on the globe.) Providing sourcing events, procurement processes and catalogues to manage spend and provide significant and sustainable savings for all our users.

Smallest country?

With approximately 85,000 people, the Isle of Man is the smallest country on Claritum

Largest Country?

It is not surprising, that for Claritum, this would be The United States of America, given it is the third largest by population in the world and given it is a key economic centre for a number of our accounts.

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