Mayence award contract to Claritum

Published March 2018

Bath, UK (March 29, 2018) – Claritum, a provider of cloud based spend management solutions, today announced that they had won a contract to supply a cloud based spend management platform to Mayence.

Mayence cover a wide range of services: permanent or temporary POS with all types of materials, Showcase Arrangement, Furniture Arrangement, Floor or Counter Display, Theatre or Store Animation, Merchandising, Digital Content Design or Interactive Support, Print, Packaging ...

eWorld - March 2017

P2P requirement

With the Claritum platform, Mayence can manage all aspects of their Procure to pay process.

Strong brand imaging

Mayence focus on strong design agency branding for their retail clients. The Claritum platform supports them in sourcing high quality branded materials for their clients.