Claritum enables early payment discounts

Published December 2018

Claritum Enables Early Payment Discounts.

Claritum ensures our customers avoid late payment, gain from early payment discounts and strengthen their supplier relationships.

"Customers are using Claritum automation to pay individual invoices within contracted payment windows." said Richard Hillum, Executive Chairman at Claritum. "Realising gains from early payment discounts or simply avoiding any late payment penalties."

"For example, a large global financial customer is using Claritum to process millions of dollars of orders." continued Richard. "Making early payments within a 10 day window."

Payment Automation

With the Claritum platform you can automate processes. Cross checking discounts, payment windows and deliveries prior to payment

  • Check the items delivered match to invoice and order.
  • Check payment timelines.
  • Update financial systems.
  • If needed, access and update master data from ERP.

Build better relationships

Payments made early and within contracted payment terms, make for a smoother relationship with all involved in the supply chain

  • Suppliers know payment will be on time.
  • Rapid resolution of invoicing issues.
  • Improved supplier cash flow.
  • Ensuring your suppliers can pay their suppliers.

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