Claritum launches a Buy & Sell Ecosystem for Organisations to Trade

Published August 2020

Remotely Trade with Claritum's Buy & Sell Ecosystem for Organisations

Bath, UK (Aug 20, 2020) – Claritum, a provider of cloud-based spend management solutions, today announced the launch of new functionality that enables organisations to leverage a buying and selling ecosystem to trade remotely.

“With the Claritum system being used to manage interactions and transactions with many vendors.” said Prof. Richard Hillum, Executive Chairman at Claritum. “Enhancing our capabilities in terms of an ecosystem of buyers and sellers, is a key focus for Claritum.”

The Buy & Sell Ecosystem, builds on Claritum’s experience working with global procurement service providers. Providing the next generation of ecosystem for trading:

By your organisation joining this platform, you will be part of a forever expanding network, either within a Private ”walled gardened” area or a Public worldwide network. This gives businesses the opportunity to be able to buy & sell in markets that they would never know about.


As a buyer, you can invite suppliers/vendors to the platform, so you can select them within the ecosystem for RFx and quote requests. Plus, when looking for suppliers/vendors with specific capabilities or products in a specific location/s for a specific RFx or project, you can leverage the ecosystem to discover potential partners. With the knowledge that these are trusted suppliers, as all vendors are validated in a quick and an efficient process, that can be enhanced and adapted by you.

As a supplier, of products or services, you can request to join the network to be selected for an RFx/project quote requests. Plus, search for potential business partners to sell your goods and services to or through

Buying and Selling Ecosystem:

  • expanding network of buyers and suppliers
  • discover new partners, customers and suppliers
  • invite suppliers to your selection process
  • search the ecosystem for potential future suppliers or customers


  • business built on transactional procurement activity between buyers and suppliers
  • global brands lever Claritum for procurement
  • global service providers lever Claritum to offer Procurement related services


B2B marketplaces are gaining momentum across multiple technology and industrial categories, boosted by the adoption of eProcurement solutions and overall B2B eCommerce sales. B2B buyers will begin to prefer marketplace buying for a wide range of indirect goods and MRO items, from SaaS tools to networking equipment to scientific supplies. Organizations in markets where buyers’ unique needs, industries, or regions are underserved by other channels or large branded platforms should take advantage of this opportunity.

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