Claritum hosts KTP Management Committee meeting

Published November 2019

Stephen Woodhouse - Knowledge Transfer Adviser, Alice Malhador - Innovation Advisor, University of Bristol, Phil Plumber - Knowledge Exchange Associate, Engineering Research and Enterprise Development, University of Bristol, John Cartlidge - Senior Lecturer in Data Science and Financial Informatics, Department of Computer Science, University of Bristol and Paul Barker, CTO at Claritum

Bath, UK (Nov 6, 2019) – Claritum hosts KTP Management Committee meeting

The committee that oversees the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) between Bristol University and Claritum met this week at the Claritum offices.

The funding, associated with this KTP, is focused in the key area of Machine Learning enhancements applied to spend Analytics on Claritum’s product . Most spend analytics work is currently addressed by manual processes. Requiring large consultancy projects to wade through masses of data to identify similar products and suppliers. Press release on KTP award.

“It was a real pleasure to host this Knowledge Transfer Partnership meeting at the Claritum office” said Paul Barker, CTO at Claritum. “We are definitely on track to deliver on a disruptive change in the way organisations analyse their spend data.”

Claritum’s focus on AI in Procurement

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Claritum's eProcurement solution streamlines the procurement process. By enabling employees to purchase goods through catalogues easily. While at the same time providing the tools for Procurement to efficiently and effectively manage suppliers into the catalogue; analyse and optimise the cost of goods and services, and apply governance to the overall process.

Transfer Partnerships

Transfer Partnerships is a UK-wide programme that has been helping businesses for the past 40 years to improve their competitiveness and productivity through the better use of knowledge, technology and skills that reside within the UK Knowledge Base. A Knowledge Transfer Partnership serves to meet a core strategic need and to identify innovative solutions to help that business grow. KTP often delivers significant increased profitability for business partners as a direct result of the partnership through improved quality and operations, increased sales and access to new markets.

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