Claritum goes remote

Published April 2022

Bath, UK (Apr 25, 2022) – Claritum goes remote. Claritum has made the decision to move to full remote working for all employees.

“The success of remote working during the pandemic raised the question on remote working.”, said Prof. Richard Hillum, Executive Chairman at Claritum. “The results spoke for themselves, with everyone able to deliver remotely, as well as they did within the office environment, and providing positive feedback on remote working.”

Given the additional benefits of not having to commute and flexible working, the decision was taken to move everyone to remote working. When meetings are needed, or a team wish to get together, workspace will be rented, on an as needed basis, at a location convenient for those meeting. Plus, regular team video calls ensure that nobody feels isolated.

Details on Claritum can be found here

Benefits to employees and Claritum:

  • It cuts out the commute
  • It costs less
  • It gives you more flexibility with home life
  • You can set it up however you want
  • It's more eco-friendly