Claritum extends SAP integration to SRM

Published June 2019

Bath, UK (June 3, 2019) – Claritum, a provider of cloud based spend management solutions, today announced that they have extended their integration with SAP to include additional functionality on the integration of SAP SRM (Supplier Relationship Management)

“Claritum is committed to an integration approach.”, said Prof. Richard Hillum, Executive Chairman at Claritum. “Yes, Claritum’s solution can deliver on a wide range of eProcurement functionality, however many of our customers are looking to integrate and maximise on investments already made on Supplier Relationship Management solutions. We want to support these customers in every way we can, so that they can realise the benefits of a Claritum Customer Portal solution.”

eWorld - March 2017

Functional enhancements include single sign on from the SAP SRM. Providing direct access to the Claritum Customer Portal, without an additional sign on being required. The User can then create new quote requests, add existing quote requests and rate cards to their basket and checkout using our intuitive catalogue-based interface.

Additionally, Punch Out integration has been added for the SRM, enabling full order information to be transferred to the SAP system for a PO to be generated.

Integrate with your existing systems

Claritum’s Web Services API enables you to streamline your entire source-to-settle workflow and integrate with buy-side and supply-side software platforms. Whether it’s validating user credentials through a single-sign on process; providing a round trip to initiate a purchase order; or notifying your finance system of approved invoices, Claritum’s Web Services API helps you truly automate your processes.

Reducing manual intervention, eliminating re-keying errors and minimising lost time.

Take a look at how Claritum's solution could help you


Claritum leverages industry-standard SOAP technologies. Which allows Claritum, or your technical team, to use off-the-shelf integration appliances to hook-up your workflows.

For more demanding situations you can develop custom solutions directly using the API. A detailed WSDL is available, documenting the interfaces and data types.

Note: In addition to SOAP, we support other protocols including LDAP and SAML.