Claritum enables print management service for MBA Group

Published October 2019

​Bath, UK (Oct 23, 2019) – Claritum, a provider of cloud-based spend management solutions, today announced that MBA Group had signed with Claritum to provide a solution for their print management service business unit.

A critical requirement for MBA was to rapidly introduce workflows to address new markets and products. Claritum’s solution offered the flexibility and functionality needed to support their print management service. Allowing MBA to configure the system to their specific requirements.

Also, essential for MBA’s business growth was the use of Branded Catalogues. The ability to offer a personalised touch and feel for their clients was key and Claritum’s customer portal provided all the flexibility that they needed.

“Claritum is pleased to be able to add MBA to our rapidly growing customer base,” said Prof. Richard Hillum, Executive Chairman at Claritum. “Delivering on a comprehensive suite of functionality to support MBA’s new business unit initiative.”

MBA Group

MBA provides multichannel communication solutions for enterprise and marketing from consultancy and project management through to production and delivery.

With over 30 years' experience in the direct marketing and transactional communication industries, they take great pride in working with a large and diverse portfolio of clients. Their approach to multichannel communication is about taking the time to understand your business and your customers better.

Buyer Portal

Access to an intuitive online shopping experience that is branded per customer. MBA is able to capture orders, aggregate demand and centrally control local buying from multiple approved suppliers with easy to use, highly configurable customer portals and catalogue interfaces.

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