Claritum and Gem collaborate on campaign procurement ecosystem

Published January 2021

Bath, UK (January 18, 2020) – Claritum, a provider of cloud-based spend management solutions, today announced that it has secured a contract with Gem to collaborate on delivering procurement infrastructure to support Gem’s customer marketing campaigns

“Gem offers our clients the ability to create and deliver customised communications across door drop, direct mail, SMS and Email tailored to individual customers and campaigns,” said Anthony Bagshaw, CEO at Gem. “By working with Claritum, we enable our customers to enhance the existing journeys by replenishing materials that support, or are used in those campaigns in a single platform”.

“Working together with Gem we have fully integrated our source to pay platform into Gem’s overall IT and marketing automation systems,” said Prof. Richard Hillum, Executive Chairman at Claritum. “Providing Gem with the procurement component of their overall solution to support their customer’s campaigns.”

Claritum and Gem continue to collaborate and look for ways to optimise the solution and add new functionality to support Gem’s growing customer base. Ensuring that Gem’s customers can cost effectively procure marketing materials for their campaigns and monitor & track their delivery of stock to multiple locations across the world.


Gem is a multi-channel marketing platform which provides a single tool for both large businesses and SME’s that allows them to access and utilise their brand and compliance-controlled marketing collateral. The platform has been designed to offer simplicity of use – built with the client in mind – whilst technical back end functionality is significant, the user experience is intuitive and simple to navigate. Hence our strapline ‘Clever made simple’.


Claritum is focused on optimising procurement processes and helping you to more effectively manage spend across your organisation. We break the norm by striving to adapt our solution to your requirements. Ensuring our customers achieve results across all functions of their organisation.