Claritum adds Hungarian to the long list of languages supported

Published August 2019

Bath, UK (Aug 15, 2019) – Claritum, a provider of cloud based spend management solutions, today announced that Hungarian has been added to the many languages supported on Claritum.

“Language support is very important for the users on the Claritum platform.” said Prof. Richard Hillum, Executive Chairman at Claritum. “Users can be accessing the system from many geographic locations, to buy products or services, and their primary business language is not always English.”

Claritum supports over 15 languages and we continue to add more based on customer demand.

Claritum’s solution is used both directly and through Procurement Service Providers to process marketing/print and other indirect spend purchases for many significant global brands.


Buy = megvesz

Price = ár

Discount = kedvezmény

Savings = megtakarítás

Please do not ask us to pronounce these though!

Why use Claritum

Language and currency support

Flexible and configurable user interface

Presentation of user specific views

Customer specific branding for multiple customers on the Customer Portal

Strong Marketing and Print functionality included

Reliable and on demand Cloud service delivery

See more details on Claritum's Buyer Portal