ASL Global awards contract to Claritum

Published July 2018

Bath, UK (July 1, 2018) – Claritum, a provider of cloud based spend management solutions, today announced that they are to provide a cloud based sourcing solution to ASL Global.

ASL Global is a global provider of Promotions and Marketing Services. They work with many of the world’s most respected and iconic brands – such as Heineken, Diageo, L’Oréal, Coca-Cola and Mars –delivering on their critical campaign activations in over 150 markets across the world.

The Claritum solution will ensure that the Finance team in Hong Kong, regional sourcing teams and the UK based leadership team are all working off the same data and being presented with critical spend information to be able to make more effective decisions relating to suppliers and customers: ensuring significantly better control and visibility with key information presented.

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Faster Response

ASL Global will be able to provide a significantly faster response and better overall experience to their global clients, converting more quotes into orders, and Improving on current quote to order conversion times and the value they deliver to their customers.

Catalogue Purchases

Deploying Catalogues will increase the likelihood of customers to purchase items from ASL Global and enable customers to rapidly request and receive responses to requirements.

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