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How to Enable Trade During a Pandemic

Engagement of potential trading partners in a buying and supplying ecosystem is essential if we are to ensure our businesses can trade during a pandemic.

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Project Based Procurement

Project-based procurement occurs when there is a specific project activity and goal. This may be a project that repeats at regular intervals or it may be a one-off project. The project could include volume purchases, small purchase volumes, standard items, specification of unique one-off items and tailoring of items based on individual projects. All included within any one project activity.

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5 Steps to Procurement Best Practice

How can you achieve procurement best practice in your organization? In this article we look at what we think are the 5 most important issues to tackle.

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Struggling with bespoke purchases?

It is important for organisations to manage the process of sourcing bespoke requirements efficiently and effectively in order to minimise cost.

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Procurement Dashboards – 2020 analytical vision

Why build procurement dashboards? If you spend a lot of your time analysing detailed data feeds and generating summary reports and trying to make sense of the information you get from different sources such as excel spreadsheets, ERP systems, accounting software, databases and manual forms then you could benefit from building procurement dashboards.

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Considerations when selecting an eProcurement solution for Indirect Spend

In the market for a new eProcurement platform? We’ve compiled questions and answers relating specifically to addressing Indirect Procurement.

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A list of the best procurement blogs

Keeping up to date with constant change is one of the challenges of being a procurement professional. You have to keep up with innovations in technology and stay up to date with ideas about what is considered best practice. Perhaps taking insight from how others are using technology or applying best practices.

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Procurement Challenges and How to Manage Them

In an increasingly complex environment Chief procurement officers have to face many procurement challenges. They can no longer focus purely on reducing costs and delivering goods and services:

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The Challenges of Traditional Procurement Processes

A traditional procurement process is characterised by manual events , including many small and repetitive tasks. This article discusses how automation affects these traditional processes

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