Why do I need a Marketing Portal?

Published July 2022

  1. Introduction

    A Marketing Portal that delivers an online, on-demand web catalogue with built-in quote requests and approvals.­ Is an essential tool for businesses engaged in mass marketing activity.

    With a Marketing Portal, central marketing departments and outsourced procurement service providers can empower large, distributed teams, and end customers with approved branded and non-branded assets and products.

  2. Marketing Teams and Service Providers enable users

    Marketing teams and service providers can control brand messaging while allowing users to personalize assets, whether it’s web to print or personalised merchandise.

    Implementing a Marketing Portal stops users from wasting time searching for the right product or person to provide a quote, or constantly requesting approval. By using pre-approved content and pricing, the end customer experience is improved, and content effectiveness is guaranteed. Where multiple approval processes are required, the portal automates every step ensuring compliance is always achieved.

  3. Branded Portals

    Brandable Marketing Portals are key for growing businesses and maintaining brand integrity.

    Larger customers typically have multiple branches or geographical partners representing their brands, so implementing the Marketing Portal helps with challenges across distributed teams and global customer segments.

    The Marketing Portal allows companies to efficiently scale doing business globally, while marketing locally, by giving all users fast access to marketing materials that can be customized within pre-approved guidelines. Plus, sourcing options that ensure the best and most cost-effective suppliers are used.

    Ensuring all users & customers have a cohesive experience, with everything on-brand and up to date with the correct price.

    Using a Marketing Portal ensures that users are only utilising approved content and products. It removes the risk of non-compliant or poorly designed, low-quality assets or products reaching critical customers.

  4. Key benefits of a Marketing Portal include:

    • Customisable online merchandise
    • Brand Control
    • Maintaining compliance
    • End-user confidence
    • Saving time
    • Reducing the need for manual approvals
    • Automated quote requests
  5. Key functionality includes:

    • Search capabilities – allows users to search by keyword to identify the right content.
    • Multi-channel support – supports any taxonomy of products to customer-specific requirements
    • Autonomy – allows users to order printed or customised assets with a pre-approved vendor.
    • Payment options - via budget, credit card, or purchase orders, users can place an order without leaving the portal.
    • Customization & Personalization without the need for help
    • customers able to tailor their portals to meet the unique needs of their users and the customer segments that they serve.
    • Creation of specific assets for user communities using pre-approved templates with selectable fields.
    • Reports & Analytics – Admin users can collect key insights from built-in reports for customers, products and suppliers.
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