Simplifying the complexity of enterprise print

Published October 2012

As organizations continue to look for savings and efficiencies, print procurement is providing new opportunities to deliver tangible bottom line benefits.

The ranks of expert print buyers are shrinking fast, but companies that have strong procurement technologies and a suitable base of suppliers are well placed to achieve best practice and deliver an efficient and cost saving service.

This observation is a reflection of the changing industry that keeps modernizing and getting more complicated. Gone are the days that people used to depend on a small number of printers to manually request bids hoping that one would have reasonable pricing. It is the buyer’s duty to use the latest procurement methods, optimize his supplier base and strengthen the company’s process for procuring print material.

Print procurement software advances make it feasible to automatically match a print buyer with the approved printer of their choice. Your supplier managers can chose current approved suppliers or assess alternative providers - so you are assured of quality products regardless of which one you select. The platform then invites bids from suppliers with the right capabilities and other criteria to get the job done.

Printers can bid and win work by offering the right quality and service for the right price - reducing their time and costs to bid and respond. They also receive feedback on their performance - driving up quality and service.

Organizations following best practice print procurement can reduce their print costs by more than 20% as well as improving process compliance, management reporting and communications. Full transparency is provided because you get to see every transaction detail in real time, whether local, national or global.

This approach provides buyers with more options, faster results and better quality making it the future of the print procurement industry. The printer will also get a reliable source for quality work by using a fair and competitive bidding method resulting in better supply automation, more robust and profitable suppliers and better procurement for buyers.

And as print procurement software is delivered online, you can do it in the comfort of your office, at home or even on the road. Your company staff can get connected directly to an external print supplier or outsourced partner, who will get the job done quickly and efficiently. If you want to customize your print you can get a supplier that specializes in just that and they will do it for you.