Outsource? Insource? Why not right source your print?

Published September 2012

It’s amazing how many organisations segment print into category silos and miss out on significant opportunities for savings and efficiencies.

Documents, operational print and marketing print are often considered as discrete requirements and most reviews will focus on each segment individually. Consultants and equipment providers concentrate on their area of expertise or their product and service set without the broad view that may reveal customer benefits. Most of the customer storefront software offered by equipment manufacturers is designed to lock in customers and route orders into a single production environment, regardless of whether that’s right for the customer or not. And, customers are often not best placed to make the right decision about where something should be produced. Sometimes the choice is obvious, but mostly its not. The right decision can be based on a combination of specification, price, deadline, quantity, finishing options and a host of other considerations. However, with a more holistic, vendor neutral approach will most likely reveal opportunities for significant savings, better utilization of assets and process efficiencies – whether the job is produced by the internal print room or outsourced to a ‘print-for-pay’ supplier. By automating the process of routing orders to internal production facilities (print shops, print rooms, document and reprographic centers) or out to external vendors (‘for profit’ printers) based on pre-defined rules, set centrally by knowledgeable experts – organisations not only realize savings, they usually see improvements in quality and service. That’s where Claritum comes in. Individual document and print jobs can be automatically routed to internal production facilities or external printers based on turn-around time, production requirements, deadline, price, quantity and a host of other criteria. Claritum enables suppliers to receive orders, work tickets, artwork and delivery requirements, whether within an internal print room or at a ‘print-for-profit’ supplier. What’s more, pricing can be set with specific break-points, so different quantities or optional requirements can dictate the optimum production facility. Whether internally or externally produced, every order trail is auditable, with appropriate approval limits and service level response times tracked easily. So take a look at your entire print and document spend….and see how much you could save.