A list of the best procurement blogs

Published June 2019

  • Value Match Library

    The Value Match Foundation seeks to assist organisations with charitable purposes at their heart. Their library contains a number of interesting articles.

    Value Match Library

  • James Meads - Blog

    James is a well known consultant in the Procurement field and his Blog offers some great insight into Procurement related activities.

    James' Blog

  • Procurement leaders

    A good resource for white papers and articles on anything and everything to do with procurement. The wide variety of topics covered include procurement technology, spend analytics and talent and leadership.

    Procurement Leaders

  • Next level purchasing

    If you read blogs to educate yourself then the Next Level Purchasing blog is a great place to start as the focus is on training and certification. The blog contains practical and useful articles as well as thought provoking pieces with a focus on personal development.

    Next Level Purchasing

  • CIPS Supply management

    An easy to navigate and authoritative procurement blog with topics including supply chain, supplier relationship management and outsourcing. The resources section of the website includes a number of practical best practice guides.

    CIPS Supply Management

  • CIPS News

    Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply has an excellent news section where you can find articles on organisation’s innovations in and around procurement

    CIPS News

  • Claritum

    Claritum regularly publish articles on the latest thoughts and ideas in the Procurement world. Please feel free to access these and if you want sign up to our email list to receive any new articles.

    Claritum Articles

  • Purchasing Insight

    Purchasing Insight provides insightful purchase to pay strategy, collateral and implementation management. Their blog covers a wide range of topics on purchase to pay.

    Purchasing Insight

  • UN Glossary of Procurement Terms

    Useful list of Procurement terms from the UN. Included this as a reference document, as opposed to a specific Blog

    UN Glossary of Procurement Terms

  • Spend matters

    Another great procurement blog that has established itself as a thought leader in the industry. A great place to find original, interesting and engaging articles.

    Spend Matters UK/Europe

    Spend Matters .com

  • Sourcing Innovation

    Sourcing Innovation is a procurement blog authored and edited by Michael Lamoureux, also known as the doctor. The blog is aimed at professionals who are looking to improve and educate themselves.

    Sourcing Innovation

  • Procurious

    Sourcing Innovation is a procurement blog authored and edited by Michael Lamoureux, also known as the doctor. The blog is aimed at professionals who are looking to improve and educate themselves.


  • CPO Rising

    A procurement blog that is updated regularly with new content and is aimed primarily at Chief Procurement Officers. Topics covered include complex categories, strategic sourcing and includes a large section of articles just for CPOs.

    CPO Rising

  • Supply Chain Digital

    The blog covers sectors including logistics, warehousing, procurement and supply chain management. If you prefer to watch video content then you might enjoy the video section on the site which posts interesting supply chain related videos.

    Supply Chain Digital

  • TI Insight

    A comprehensive site aimed at the logistics industry with a lot of high quality market research and up to date news articles. Blog articles require a subscription.

    TI Insight

  • Procurement Insights

    This procurement blog written by Jon Hansen contains some interesting and thought provoking articles, worth a look.

    Procurement Insights

  • Supply chain (Quarterly)

    Supply chain provides articles focused on technology and innovation in the supply chain.

    Supply chain (Quarterly)

  • Aberdeen.com

    Aberdeen is a consultancy group. They have some interesting reports and insights.


  • Supply Chain Digest

    Supply Chain Digest provides news and information focused around the supply chain.


  • Supply Chain Management Review

    Supply Chain Management Review provides news and information focused around the management of the supply chain.

    supply chain management review

  • The Institute of Supply Management

    The Institute of Supply Management has it’s own blog with relevant news and information.

    Institute of Supply Management

  • Supply Chain Brain

    Supply Chain Brain provides a comprehensive supply chain management information resource

    Supply Chain Brain

  • CAPS

    Consultancy, Inspiring supply management leaders with profound discovery & executable strategies


  • PASA

    Procurement and Supply Australasia is a leading benefactor for education and information valuable to procurement and supply experts. This procurement blog also supports a large community of engaged procurement participants.


  • Procurement Heads

    Procurement Heads is a market-leading Consultancy specialising in the recruitment of Senior Procurement Professionals

    Procurement Heads

Did we miss you out? This is just a quick list of some of the blogs we like but please let us know if you have a blog that you think should be included on this list.