Free your sales team to focus on closing the deal

Published December 2014

Growing revenues in today’s competitive market place is challenging but not impossible. The key to achieving growth is to understand the problems that are holding your business back and implementing strategies to tackle them. One problem your business may need to address is how to free up your sales team to focus on closing the deal.

How much more business could your sales team close if that was all they focused on? Are your sales team always closing? Or do they spend their time watching over tactical operations? To help your sales team focus on high pay off activities you need to find ways to free up their time. First, look at how they are currently spending their time and why.

Why your sales team isn’t closing more deals

There is a limit to how much work can get done in a day, but if your sales team are spending most of their time focusing on low pay off activities they won’t be closing deals. Does your company have clear sales processes which will enable your sales team to move on once they close the deal? If not your sales people may be spending most of their time keeping an eye on managing the work, worried they will lose their commissions if they fail to deliver the quality and service they have promised. Can your business handle an increased workload with ease? Your reps could be slowing their selling capacity if they are concerned that they might oversell the operational capacity.

How to make your business more efficient

So, how can you remove scalability concerns and build confidence that quality service levels and capacity can be delivered, to keep reps focused on closing more business? Many businesses have found that the best way to do this is by leveraging technology to improve operational efficiency by capturing orders, automating processes and optimising production and supply. Once the process is automated you will have a system that can provide you with reports detailing spend data which will help identify new opportunities within accounts. An additional benefit of this approach is that the technology can directly benefit the client. Providing customers with online storefronts and catalogs from which to purchase your services can result in a more satisfying experience for your customer whilst being much more efficient and less time consuming for you. Freeing your reps to focus on what they do best, closing new deals.

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