Capture every order - globally

Published July 2012

Claritum have recently launched an upgrade to its powerful Catalogue capabilities. The Catalogue enables large numbers of users to quickly and easily order a range of products and services including standard and personalised items, print on demand and re-orders. Users can also use the Catalogue to request new customised items, receive prices and place orders. Claritum’s Catalogue streamlines the processes involved in capturing orders, aggregating spend and automating order processing. The system allows clients to deploy branded catalogues to both internal and external customers but also to personalise the shopping experience to individual users. Dependent on the user permission and product profile, companies now have granular control over every order on a global basis. Order processing can be fully or partially automated including auto-generation of work tickets for internal production or purchase orders for external fulfilment, generation of picking and delivery instructions, with complete audit trail and monitoring of key milestones throughout the process. The recent upgrade provides more sophisticated content management functionality, increased levels of print personalisation, simpler ordering processes and automation of more of the fulfilment processes. For more information or to request a demo contact