A List of Must Read Procurement White Papers

Published May 2020

We've compiled a list of some of the best must read procurement white papers and analyst reports (in no particular order of importance or preference) covering a variety of topics such as supply chain management, tail spend and the future and digitization of procurement.

A List of Must Read Procurement White Papers
  • The Deloitte Global CPO Survey 2018

    By Deloitte

    Driving innovation and delivering impact

    For the past seven years, the Global Chief Procurement Officer Survey has provided a global benchmark of the sentiment or procurement leaders and an insight into the key themes and challenges facing procurement, including market dynamics, value and collaboration, talent and leadership, and digital procurement. Claritum's perspective on the Global CPO survey can be found here.

    Download the full Deloitte report here

  • Digital Supply Network

    By Accenture Life Sciences

    Delivering at the Speed of Business

    Propelled by digital disruption, supply chain is at a critical pivot point where the move to digital supply networks is increasingly seen as a necessity.

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  • An Introduction to Tail Spend

    Sourcing Innovation - Dr Michael Lamoureux

    And Why You Need a Technology Based Solution

    If you want a good introduction to tail spend then this white paper is a great starting place. This White Paper, written by Dr Michael Lamoureux, Editor of Sourcing Innovation and a contributor to Spend Matters, is an introduction to tail spend and tackles some of the most important questions such as:

    • What is tail spend?
    • How to define the right tail end management process
    • How the right technology can get tail spend under control

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  • Getting a Grip on Tail Spend

    By Accenture - Ralf Mägerle, Kyle Rosenthal, Christian Meyer

    High performance. Delivered.

    An older white paper, however still interesting, this paper points out that while most companies believe they have their most important purchasing categories under control, they tend to neglect tail spend. Accenture discuss the problems faced by sourcing and procurement organizations who are under increasingly more pressure and are expected to do more with less funding. They may be leaving money on the table by deploying their resources inefficiently in the low-value purchasing generally known as tail spend. This paper will help companies understand, just how much money is involved, and how to manage their tail spend so as to realize the potential savings and deliver other, more strategic forms of business value.

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  • Centralise or Devolve Procurement

    Spend Matters - Peter Smith

    Why Not Both?

    In this Spend Matters briefing paper, you can read about what procurement really needs to control, and how one example of enabling technology is helping procurement functions get this balance right. This paper proposes that every organisation needs to look at its specific needs, and discusses how technology is helping procurement to give stakeholders real authority, whilst retaining the most important aspects of central control that help procurement drive value and performance.

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