Educational Assessment Agency Case Study

The Challenge

The Client, Europe’s largest educational assessment agency, provides a wide range of academic, vocational and skills based tests and qualifications to 8 million learners over 150 countries every year as well as assessment services to governments and educational organisations worldwide. To maintain and improve on its market position, it needed to maximise its internal efficiency, achieve greater economies of scale and optimise services through the use of leading enabling technologies provided by a global Managed Service Provider.

Critical to the Client was the imperative to achieve the highest levels of quality and security for their ‘confidential print’ while managing its international non-confidential print procurement and supply activities across its 20,000 users located at its worldwide operating units. Again, the Client needed to ensure they had visibility of their expenditure and a high degree of control over their spend, supplier performance, full audit trails and the ability to track progress of all work wherever the system was deployed around the world.

The Solution

To underpin the £40m contract, Claritum’s cloud based spend management platform was deployed initially to a pilot of around 100 users within one operating unit before being extended to the wider user community at the worldwide operating units. Tightly controlled business rules were configured to identify Client and Service Provider roles, supplier selection criteria, spend limits and authorisations and supplier fulfillment parameters.

Dependent on permissions, users can source and procure time critical marketing materials, course collateral and regulatory compliant documents. These items can be custom made, pre-stocked and replenished, produced on-demand or personalised variable data literature. Due to the high volume, quick response pressures and the need to keep efficiencies high, much of the fulfillment processes have been automated.

Every order has its own unique reference and automatically debits cost centres and project codes against approved budgets. With this improved Management Information, and the line item level data capture, the Client achieves total visibility of spend and supplier performance.

£ spend




cost savings



The business support teams now have the flexibility they require.

Control over their Print Procurement Spend

Procurement and finance have, for the very first time, total visibility and control over their print procurement spend through the Claritum solution, in granular detail.

Increased Procurement Transactions Growth

This control and visibility of spend has enabled the Managed Service Provider to leverage the efficiencies and benefits delivered by Claritum’s technology to further improve the quality and service to the Client’s organisation and has resulted in increased procurement transactions growth and reduced costs benefits being delivered to the Client.

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