Global Brand Owner Case Study

The Challenge

With annual revenues of US$2.1bn and 8,000 employees, the company is the world’s largest supplier of bakery products. They operate globally and use SAP across their businesses and brands.

As with many large multi-national businesses, coordinating marketing activities can be time consuming and expensive. The business owns 30 brands around the world and so designing, producing and distributing marketing materials efficiently and cost effectively is a major challenge. They needed to gain control of their expenditure across Europe.

The Solution

To bring their pan-European marketing expenditure under control, the company turned to Claritum’s partner, one of Europe’s leading specialist outsourced marketing services agencies. By collaborating closely with both the client and our agency partner, Claritum helped to define and implement a highly efficient ordering process across their European businesses.

The solution was initially deployed in core European markets and is being extended across 12 countries enabling local marketing teams to access Claritum’s Catalogue via their corporate intranet. The single sign-on integration ensures that only pre-authenticated users can access the right products on the catalogue and eliminates the need for users to log-in multiple times, with resultant improvement in adoption.

Efficient Ordering Process

Claritum helped to define and implement a highly efficient ordering process across their European businesses.



SAP integration


error reduction


Enforce Compliance

Claritum’s integration with SAP enforces the controls required by the business, while enabling users to flexibility order materials for local marketing initiatives.

Limit Spend

Users can place orders within the Claritum catalogue, within designated spend limits. Claritum has a punch out integration with the company’s SAP platform that seamlessly enables all approved orders initiated on Claritum to raise a purchase order on SAP and assign it to the order.

Streamline Processes

Claritum streamlines all procure-to-pay processes, routing approved orders directly to in-country or regional suppliers, controls and monitors production, fulfillment and delivery. The platform also tracks every cost throughout the supply chain and provides line item management reporting detail of their expenditure across all of its Europe operations and brands.


For the first time, the company have the visibility and control of their marketing expenditure across their European businesses. The fully integrated solution has enabled them to achieve ‘least cost’ production and improved brand compliance across its marketing expenditure. Claritum has enabled our agency partner to deliver a uniquely efficient purchasing process, minimize manual intervention, improved service levels and centralized control over a pan-European client’s marketing spend.

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