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Integration to other Supply Chain Systems
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Integrate with buy-side financial and procurement platforms and supply-side fulfilment and production workflow systems through a comprehensive web services API.

Automate your processes

Claritum’s Web Services API enables you to streamline your entire source-to-settle workflow and integrate with buy-side and supply-side software platforms. Whether it’s validating user credentials through a single-sign on process, providing a round trip to initiate a purchase order or notifying your finance system of approved invoices, Claritum’s Web Services API helps you truly automate your processes to reduce manual intervention, eliminate re-keying errors and minimise lost time.


Integrate with your existing systems

Claritum’s Web Service API uses industry-standard SOAP technologies, allowing your technical team to use off-the-shelf integration appliances to hook-up your workflows or (for more demanding situations) develop custom solutions directly using the API.

A detailed WSDL is also available on the web service, documenting the interfaces and data types.

Note: In addition to SOAP, we support other protocols including LDAP and SAML.


Eliminate costs of up to

Live Bids



Claritum Integrations

ERP Systems

Claritum is integrated to ERP systems, so that these more strategic purchase platforms can be used to manage suppliers, users and any customer account information that is needed by the Claritum platform. Typically we see this being used in organisations to ensure that there is a single source of data management.

Warehouse / Stock Control Systems

Claritum integrates to Warehouse systems to ensure that stock levels are available and updated as transactions occur.

Single Sign On Systems

Claritum integrates to your authentication systems, so that you can use your current single sign on systems for secure access and password/user control

BI and Analytics Systems

Claritum Integrates to Business Information and Analytics systems. Recognising that for some specialist purposes there is a need to use external analytics and presentation platforms. Claritum does provide analysis and reporting within the solution, however we want our customers to be able to access platforms that are focused on BI and Analytics specifically.

Credit Card Payment Systems

Claritum is integrated to Credit Card payment systems, so that transactions can occur using company or personal credit cards.

Tax Handling Systems

Claritum is integrated to tax handling systems, so that appropriate tax amounts can be obtained for transactions. Ensuring appropriate taxes are applied dependant on where goods or services are shipped From and To. The Avatax system, used for US state taxes, is an example of this integration.

Accounting Sytems

Claritum integrates to your accounts systems. Ensuring that received invoices are reconciled and can be approved.

Instant Pricing Systems

Claritum Integrates to specialist pricing systems, associated with the Print specific industry. Allowing estimates to be rapidly provided on job requests.

MIS/MRP Systems

Integration to production systems, ensures that specifications and artwork designs can be set up and accessed.

Web to Print Systems

Claritum integrates to Web to Print platforms, so that print specific jobs can be passed directly into the printing process.

Logistics Systems

Claritum integrates to logistics systems, so that orders can be tracked and goods receipts can be acknowledged

Email Systems

Claritum Integrates to email systems, so that email communications are recorded as part of the overall audit trail of procurement activity.


Capture requisitions and inbound orders with minimal manual administration



Connect your suppliers to eliminate order processing and rekeying errors


Release Your Team

Release your team from administration to add more value



Keep your eye on your entire value chain’s performance

Integration Capability

Some of the areas you can directly integrate with:


Customer data


Supplier data



Requisitions, specifications, attachments


Stock orders


Goods Receipting



Purchase orders


Bill of materials & works instructions



Purchase Invoices


Sales Invoices



Catalogue punch-out


Web Services API

The Web Services API has helped many of our customers integrate directly with Enterprise-class systems such as:


SAP (financials)


SAP (Open Catalogue Interface)
























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