SaaS Procurement

Collaborate with buyers and suppliers in the cloud to control costs and improve efficiency.

What is SaaS Procurement ?

SaaS (Software-as-a-service) is web-based software model of procurement. Software vendors host and maintain the servers, databases and code that constitute the procurement platform.

The benefits of SaaS Sourcing


Reduced Upfront Costs

Companies don’t have to invest in expensive hardware.


Reduced Maintenance Costs

Businesses do not need to host, troubleshoot or maintain the software.


Lower Cost Pricing Model

Buyers pay an annual or monthly subscription fee which includes support, licence and other fees.


Access Data Anytime Anywhere

Users have 247 global realtime access to system reports because the software is hosted in the cloud.

Claritum’s SaaS Procurement

Claritum’s platform streamlines the buying and selling of products and services. Buyers, suppliers and experts collaborate in the cloud to improve spend visibility and control, achieve cost savings and efficiencies and to reduce risk and waste.

Automate Processes to Improve Efficiency

Claritum’s platform automates processes so efficiency is improved and your staff will be free to focus on other important tasks.

Control Costs

Control every penny of your expenditure through our integrated online sourcing, procurement and invoicing platform.

User Friendly

Claritum’s platform is easy to use. The intuitive process increases rapid adoption by users.

Quick and Easy to Implement

Our goal is to get you up and running as fast as possible. We deliver Fast Start implementations which can get you up and running in just a few days through to managed implementations for enterprise deployments.

Features of Claritum’s SaaS Procurement

Secure access 24x7 from desktop, tablet or mobile


Receive and validate inbound sales orders


Create, approve and publish purchase orders

Manage single or multi-part project ordering

Auto assign unique order codes and references

Set spend limits and approvals workflow

Email based approval notifications


Integrate with ERP to send requisition


Issue PO by email


Manage change orders

Full audit trail

Use specified delivery or create custom shipping address


Capture variance between lowest and selected bids

Monitor supplier performance ratings


Track single drop and multi-drop deliveries


Manage large scale distribution lists


View Proof of Delivery


Receipt, approve, quarantine or reject goods

Claritum's SaaS Procurement Product Tour

Sourcing tools to help you manage volume based deals.

Standardize pricing from approved suppliers for commonly ordered products and services.

Manage your suppliers with ease. Set up supplier profiles and monitor their performance.

Set up catalogs with an easy to use store front to capture orders and centrally control buying.

Claritum Invoicing can help you keep in control of your cash-flow.

Claritum reports allow you to access data about every transaction, globally and in real time.

Integrate with your existing systems for a smooth integrated workflow

Claritum’s SaaS procurement platform is trusted by over 150,000 users to deliver significant savings and efficiencies

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Wow! Claritum has helped us save 30%.

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The Claritum system has been superb!

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