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How to improve procurement efficiency


Automate fulfillment and delivery

Automate the procurement process for a more efficient purchasing process with shorter cycle times, which lowers inventory stocks and improves both working capital and profits.


Release experts from admin

Release your employees from burdensome admin through source-to-settle automation. Free up their time to focus on higher value tasks.


Optimise use of resources

Gain spend visibility to enable you to identify where resources are allocated ineffectively.


Reduce maverick expenditure

Implement controls on spending and set up an automated approval system to eliminate maverick spending, ensure negotiated rates are utilised and reduce delays and errors processing invoices.


Eliminate errors and waste

Streamline your supply chain to eliminate errors and waste.


Collaborate effectively with suppliers

Collaborate fully with suppliers. Keep up to date by capturing data about every bid, order and invoice. Monitor performance across your entire supplier base.

Claritum has helped many businesses implement process efficiencies.

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