The use of mobile technology in businesses has enabled remote access to pertinent company or product information through the use of mobile interfaces.

Mobile interfaces offer the ability to access information through wireless devices from virtually anywhere with mobile broadband or Wi-Fi connections. Print service providers are gradually becoming interested in integrating mobile interfaces into their existing production operations, for client-facing and internal use cases.

Through a survey of 179 print service providers, 19% of respondents currently offer mobile interfaces to clients and another 42% plan to offer mobile in the next 12 months. Companies that are currently serving mobile interfaces to clients are supporting a variety of services that can be adapted well to the small screen, including web-to-print, cross-media marketing reports and dashboards, and proofing and approval workflows.

In general, mobile needs to be a higher priority for print service providers, especially as it relates to client-facing services. In the quest to craft a mobile strategy for mobile-enabled services, InfoTrends recommends that print service providers keep clients’ needs at the center to help direct that strategy and generate the most value possible. Vendors that provide MIS, web-to-print, and workflow management technologies, in particular, have immediate opportunities to meet the needs of an audience that is hungry for mobile capabilities. Most PSPs that now offer mobile interfaces develop them internally or invest in additional software to accomplish their objectives, which adds barriers—and higher costs—to adoption. More vendors adding support for mobile can help spur adoption growth among print providers and their customers.

Business is moving in a mobile direction; companies need to ensure they leverage the technology in ways that solve customers’ problems, deliver value, and drive results. Mobile Interfaces Gain Momentum Among U.S. Print Providers provides research-based insights, real-world examples, and recommendations for print service providers looking to leverage the mobile channel in their business, as well as for technology vendors that need guidance crafting a mobile strategy that meets the needs of the industry.


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