Marketing Procurement Software

Easily manage marketing spend

Claritum can help marketing teams and marketing service providers streamline the buying and selling of marketing goods and services.

Buyers, suppliers and experts collaborate in the cloud to improve spend visibility and control, achieve cost savings and efficiencies and to reduce risk and waste.

Marketing purchasing can be controlled centrally, ensuring procurement mandates, brand guidelines and best practice is adhered to. The intuitive and familiar web experience ensures rapid user adoption, increased spend compliance and full audit ability.

Claritum can operate as a stand-alone e-procurement platform or can be integrated into your current e-procurement workflow. You can set the controls on raising, issuing and approving purchase orders, and ensure that the goods ordered are the goods delivered, saving significant administration and management costs.

Easy to Use Online Ordering Capability

Provide your users with online ordering to make processing orders more simple and easy to track.

Protect Brands

Ensure that buyers comply to brand guidelines when ordering goods by building ordering templates and ensure that all buying is centrally controlled.

Cloud Based for Global Real Time Access

Claritum’s platform provides a secure, reliable and scalable environment for you to collaborate with your customers and suppliers.

Generates Cost Savings

Control every penny of your marketing spend. Standardise buying to benefit from volume discounts and maximise savings.

Access Meaningful Data

Dashboards with charts to track your KPIs and analyze spend by suppliers, buyers and products. Drill down to a granular level for line item visibility of every transaction.

Marketing Procurement Software Product Tour

Manage volume based deals with our sourcing tools

Standardize pricing from approved suppliers for commonly ordered products and services.

Manage your suppliers more easily. Monitor and evaluate supplier performance.

Set up an easy to use store front to centrally control buying.

eInvoicing tools to help you keep in control of your cash-flow

Reports allow you to access real time data about every transaction

Integrate with your existing systems for a perfectly automated workflow

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Wow! Claritum has helped us save 30%.

Marketing Procurement Buyer


The Claritum system has been superb!

Jamie W


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