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Improve your buying – do more with your marketing budget

As a marketer, we’re always under pressure to get more bang for our marketing buck without compromising the brand or communication objectives. Relationships with key agencies and suppliers are not just about price, so traditional procurement approaches just don’t work for marketing.

It needs a more flexible approach. Where clients, creatives and suppliers can collaborate in one, easy to use, cloud based platform. With tools to help accurately specify a project or campaign, invite proposals based on quality and service as well as price and quotes that can be produced at the click of a button. Orders can be taken and routed to creative and production suppliers in seconds and invoicing that reduces the administrative burden.

So you if you are responsible for buying marketing products and services, you can do more with your marketing budget while keeping the bean counters happy.

Why should I use a Cloud Based Spend Management platform?

24x7 access wherever you’re located

Claritum is cloud based, so nothing to install or download. So you can access your buying projects 24×7 from desktop, tablet or mobile where-ever you are located.

Centralised storage

A centralised location for all briefs, quotes and orders, including attached files. So your essential information is always close to hand.


Identify the right seller for the job, fast!

Through a closed and controlled market place you can focus on transparent professional sellers without having to filter through time wasting internet shops with no guarantees.

Super fast adoption

With Claritum, its easy to specify single or multi-part projects or campaigns, invite preferred or approved suppliers to provide prices, compare bids alongside quality and service ratings, create and publish quotes in minutes.

How does a Spend Management platform work

This short video explains how you can control and monitor Marketing expenditure from one platform using Cloud based Spend management…


Claritum’s sourcing features provide a combination of a structured closed-bid RFx and contract allowing buyers to establish a ‘market’ or baseline ‘volume’ price and take advantage of market variances through ‘spot pricing’ RFxs.

Supplier Management

Keep up to date with supplier changes and monitor supplier performance.


Keep in control of your cash-flow and track what’s pending and what’s outstanding.

spend management
spend management reports


Automate your sales order and purchase order procurement processes for improved efficiency.


Get visibility of every penny of every transaction with flexible, customisable real time reports.


Capture orders, aggregate demand and centrally control local buying from multiple approved suppliers with easy to use, highly configurable storefronts.

Why not request a demo of the Claritum solution?

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