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Complex Categories can account for over 10% of an organization’s total expenditure, yet remain notoriously difficult to manage and control. Typically, these are items such as: office supplies, signage & display, marketing items and uniforms & apparel.   If you have:

  • Spend across business groups
  • Products with unique custom requirements or that are time sensitive
  • Quality Standards that have to be adhered to

…then you’ll know only too well how all these factors can frustrate efforts to achieve cost savings opportunities.   Claritum, one of the world’s leaders in cloud-based eProcurement platforms with over 150,000 users spread across over 70 countries, leverages shared knowledge and experience to help companies identify where they can best make savings.   Take advantage of this opportunity to save from 15% up to 40% on your Complex Category expenditure.

About Us

Claritum is a leading provider of spend management software-as-a-service for complex categories such as print and related marketing services. The solution streamlines the processes of sourcing, procurement and invoicing to deliver significant, measurable and sustainable cost savings and process efficiencies to leading enterprise and public sector clients.

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