Vendor Management

Claritum's cloud suite helps you to onboard suppliers and develop a strong and automated supplier collaboration model.

Supporting bids, messaging, quality and credit scoring, supplier specific document management , audit trails, governance procedures and much more.

Manage supplier relationships from No Relationship through to Contracted across all your Spend Categories. At Local, National, Regional and Global levels.

You can make live email and messaging requests to your suppliers for information, quotes or RFx’s. Vendor validation and request information is then catalogued and held relevant to the supplier. This includes sustainability and governance documentation updated directly by the supplier.

The platform allows buyers to maintain their own preferred supplier database, which can be updated to source specific future projects without repeatedly going through the full supplier directory. All performance metrics for suppliers can be reviewed to allow remedial actions to be taken.

You can raise requests, through the portal, to your suppliers to provide detailed specifications and proposals, where you are unable to define exactly what you require. This flexibility is essential if you are to leverage innovation from your suppliers.

Supplier Portal

Using Claritum cloud suite you can create a private or public directory of external or internal suppliers and vendors. Your vendors then being able to update key information such as contact details and information on their products, services and production capabilities: these documents created through Forms on the system.

Suppliers can see only their sourcing events, contracts and projects. Gaining access through the Supplier Portal via their specific logon credentials.

Certification and auditing documentation is tracked and centralised for each Supplier. Ensuring any transaction is against the latest overall requirements.




live bids


fewer rebids


  • Single view of suppliers

    all your suppliers in one place

  • Profile and segment

    enforce use of the right suppliers

  • Improve performance

    track and improve supplier and buyer performance

  • Reduce admin

    suppliers maintain their own profiles


  • Collaborate through requests for detailed and specified items or for requests to provide input or ideas on less clearly defined needs
  • Work with your suppliers to move them towards a preferred status
  • Automatically engage with suppliers for them to update specifications, prices and product details
  • Comprehensive messaging system to interact with suppliers
  • Form creation and management
  • Document management, including contracts, completed Forms and specifications.
  • Onboard new suppliers with ease
  • Find & engage new suppliers by invitation to participate in RFIs
  • Categorise your suppliers and allocate suppliers to buyers for engagement
  • Provide supplier feedback and rate and monitor suppliers
  • Negotiate and set up agreed contract pricing terms
  • Engage with suppliers through the ease of the automation process from purchase to pay
  • Capture and reporting of supplier sustainability, including recording carbon footprints
  • Management of vendor rating surveys
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