Is lack of visibility and data causing you to make poor decisions?

Our aim is to ensure that your stakeholders are able to gain insight into their activity. Having global and granular visibility to be able to make effective decisions.

Claritum's cloud suite enables you to process and analyse procurement data of the organisation, providing insight and ensuring individual departmental managers are in control. Plus, if you are a Procurement Service Provider, your customers can gain access to their portal related data.

Trainable AI spend analytics and AI spend categorisation are supported and used to underpin the analytics.

Personalised dashboards capture key parameters that can be used to both realise savings and develop strategies by department, category or project. Enabling you to better align your organisation’s strategy with its competitive strategy.


Claritum's cloud suite ensures that you can analyse and forecast: capturing customer, internal process data and supplier data across all users of the platform and enabling the aggregation across the organisation and for each individual customer.

BI Tools and AI tools

All required data is stored by Claritum in the cloud data warehouse. Access to this data warehouse is made available to you for you to utilise your own dashboard tools or BI Platforms, in addition to reports and AI tools offered by Claritum's cloud suite.

In the domain of reporting & analytics, over 34% of organisations are already piloting, scaling or have fully deployed AI tools. Claritum can support you, whether you choose to use Claritum’s BI tools, off the shelf BI tools or build your own tools.

AI in Procurement


  • Information at your finger tips

    24×7 global visibility of every transaction

  • Powerful reports

    Help you make better decisions, faster

  • Focus on KPIs

    With high impact visual tools

  • Best practice

    Align customers and suppliers to best practice


  • Capture, Report and Analyse Customer demand, spend with suppliers, operational efficiencies and KPIs.
  • AI to analyse spend and categorisation of purchases
  • Combined reporting/querying across projects, suppliers, customers, products, invoices, etc.
  • Customise Reports Set parameters such as start-end dates and segment data
  • Customise Appearance Brand and layout reports for improved impact.
  • Graphics and Charts Option to output report as a chart or graphic.
  • User and Transaction Audit Trail Static and drill down reports, graphical dashboards and alerts.
  • Integrations Integrates with leading Business intelligence engines.
  • Supply Chain Visibility Gain visibility of entire supply chain including customers, service providers and suppliers.
  • The Data Warehouse is a multi-dimensional database, allowing for interrogation across various dimension spaces.
  • Analyse Transaction Level Data Cubes Specifications, estimates, quotes, orders, shipments, invoices, P&L and service levels.
  • The reports and the report designer that we have over the top of the Data Warehouse uses OLAP processing.