SourcingEngaging with your suppliers can be very time consuming.

Finding a way to automate your processes can significantly change the way you and users of Claritum's cloud suite engage and cooperate with your suppliers. To both you and your suppliers advantage in terms of time and cost.

Claritum's cloud suite automates the processes of finding, evaluating and engaging with your current and new suppliers. Allowing you to focus on ensuring you achieve best value for goods and services from your suppliers.

You can consider factors such as reliability, quality, flexibility, sustainability and capacity in the tendering process. Alongside, of course, focusing on the competitive prices offered.

Claritum helps with a number of different approaches to sourcing based on:

  • Category
  • Specification
  • Project
  • Bespoke

Category Based

Leading sourcing activity through Category is the most common approach, with specialist buyers having specific knowledge of a Category of products or services.

Specification based

A specification led purchase can occur in any of the three other methodologies, however it is brought out separately as the Claritum enables you to request via a detailed specification or description.

Project based

Project or Multi Part (Event) Sourcing is a process used to acquire products and services together, potentially from multiple suppliers. What distinguishes this from other forms of sourcing are the connected series of events or parts carried out during the execution of a sourcing project. Category specialists can work within a project to acquire goods and services.

Bespoke based

A bespoke purchase is triggered outside of the normal processes, as this could be an item that is purchased only once every x years. Or, perhaps it is something that does not fall under any other process or approach. It may even be something totally new and never purchased before. The Claritum solution enables you to make these Bespoke purchases without having to follow some arbitrary process that does not fit the purchase need.

Unique in providing you with multiple approaches to purchasing goods and services:

Claritum's cloud suite is unique in the flexibility it allows in how you source for any given activity. Allowing you to lever Category expertise, project expertise or rely on experts for more bespoke requirements. All within one suite of software.


less sourcing admin


live bids






  • Control best practice sourcing

    enforce competitive bidding

  • Manage your suppliers

    Manage your supplier base and provide access to products and services within your organisation

  • Leverage volume discounts

    lock in pre-negotiated rates

  • Save time

    release your buyers from burdensome admin


  • Manage sourcing as a Category, Project or Bespoke activity with your suppliers
  • Structured closed bid RFx
  • Standard prices for commodity or repeat orders
  • Copy and create variants
  • Single or multi-component projects
  • Integration and optimisation tools to help suppliers reduce cost
  • Send RFx to suppliers / Suppliers respond within the application
  • Buyer notified of responses
  • Nominate winning supplier / bid
  • Contractual document management, including digital signing
  • Categorise your suppliers status and promote appropriately within your organisation
  • Multi-part and multi-supplier sourcing
  • Form editing for supplier information requests
  • Bid award management
  • Expert network, to gather information specific to a category