Order Management

If you are struggling to digitise all your order processes, Claritum can help.

Claritum digitises the order process and adds value to your procurement activities. Ensuring that stakeholders and customer demands are satisfied, through the ready adoption of automation, either within a specific category or a project based workflow.

Plus, if you want to buy and sell through Claritum the platform supports both buying and selling processes. Linking these together, so that sales requests become quotation requests and ultimately vendor purchase orders satisfy your customers requirements. With fulfilment managed through the Claritum cloud suite.

Your order management can be transformed. Ordering processes leaner, quicker and more proactive to support your organisation. Claritum manages all transactional ordering activity and ensures that processes run smoothly across the organisation.

Claritum's cloud suite automates the entire process enabling faster and more compliant requisitions, orders, approvals and goods receipting. The intuitive and familiar web experience ensures rapid user adoption and increased spend compliance and full audit capabilities. Whether using a desktop or tablet Claritum will deliver.


  • Faster

    automate requisitions, orders, approvals and goods receipting

  • Easy to use

    intuitive process increases rapid adoption

  • Ensure compliance

    Centrally control localized purchasing

  • Flexible

    integrate with your ERP or operate as a stand-alone platform


  • Secure access 24x7 from desktop, tablet or mobile
  • Receive and validate inbound sales orders
  • Create, approve and publish purchase orders
  • Manage single or multi-part project ordering
  • Auto assign unique order codes and references
  • Set spend limits and approvals workflow
  • Email based approval notifications
  • Multi-part and Multi-supplier sourcing
  • Optional integration with an ERP
  • Issue PO by email
  • Manage change orders
  • Full audit trail
  • Use specified delivery or create custom shipping address
  • Capture variance between lowest and selected bids
  • Monitor supplier performance ratings
  • Track single drop and multi-drop deliveries
  • View Proof of Delivery
  • Receipt, approve, quarantine or reject goods
  • Consignment purchases