Making sure that your suppliers are paid on time is an essential part of building relationships with your suppliers.

With Claritum's cloud suite you can automate payment processes and ensure that payments are made according to the terms and conditions agreed with your supplier.

identify early payment opportunities. Allowing you to leverage early payment discounts. These discounts can be used as a method to self-fund the process and Claritum's cloud suite.

Approval of payment is controlled by you. You set up the approval levels and authorised users are able to trigger payment transactions.

Integration with financial systems allows you to pass payment authorisation into your financial systems or you can send this directly into external payment systems.


  • Reduce admin

    suppliers maintain their own profiles

  • Leverage volume discounts

    lock in pre-negotiated rates

  • Save time and reduce errors

    Save time and reduce errors – automate processes and increase overall performance

  • Improve performance

    track and improve supplier and buyer performance


  • Set payment date
  • Automatically or manually trigger payments
  • Trigger payment on low value items with limited or no authorisation
  • Reconcile early payment discounts
  • Automate receipt of goods process to trigger payment actions
  • Ensure bulk discounts are applied
  • Pay in local currencies or currency agreed with a specific supplier
  • Hold payments, associated with goods not meeting specification
A man posting a currency sign into a letterbox