Inventory Management

Ensure you manage stock levels appropriate to demand. Providing the right amounts in the right place across your organisation. Plus, Integrate Claritum into your warehousing systems to connect demand to stock management for your organisation.

The most expensive material is the one that is not available when you need it – but the second most expensive is the one in stock that you don’t need.

Claritum’s platform mitigates the risks associated with not having enough stock, having too much stock, not being able to fulfil customer orders, poor customer satisfaction and having to implement costly emergency replenishment procedures. Claritum ensures stock levels are accurate and minimises costs of holding stock to meet demand fluctuations.

Claritum enables focus to be placed to ensure stocks are not too high, to minimise waste and to optimise the overall cost of holding stock.

Mitigate the risk of a supply disruption with Claritum:

  • Create safety stock inventory.
  • Manage alternate suppliers.
  • Expedite orders.
  • Transfer inventory from one facility to another.

Stock management and buffers

Claritum uses traditional methods of managing inventory - in particular, verification of quantities and condition of goods received, which is a great first step in Supply Chain digitisation for our customers in order to reduce risk and provide an audit trail.

Most Claritum customers had traditionally created a “buffer” of stock that had resulted in inventory levels being well above where they needed to be for 80 or 90 per cent of the time. Adopting Claritum allowed them to significantly reduce these buffers.


  • Reduce risk and waste

    Manage the procurement of specialised categories and tail spend. Avoid lock-in to single vendors

  • Accurate forecasting

    Manage your forecasting, inventory and generate reports and dashboards to show what you are spending and with which suppliers.

  • Achieve cost savings

    Control every penny of your complex category expenditure through our integrated online sourcing, procurement and invoicing platform.

  • Information at your finger tips

    24×7 global visibility of every transaction


  • Accurate management of stock levels
  • Re-order levels for stock control
  • Integration to warehouse systems
  • Stock visibility, reporting and dashboards
  • Integration to suppliers for automated raising of purchase orders, with approval steps as needed
  • You can even integrate to your suppliers warehouse systems, so you have stock visibility
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