You may already have tried to automate Procurement processes and failed to achieve the promise. Or, you may still think that using excel sheets and manual processes works for you.

Engaging with Claritum we will help you to identify opportunities and automate key processes within your organisation. We will enable you to fully engage with users and achieve widespread adoption of these processes within your organisation.

Working with you to develop process workflows and event templates that fully reflect the way you want to operate. Plus, helping you to onboard data from other systems or spread sheets for example.

Plus, we will ensure that Claritum's cloud suite is tailored to your requirements and fully integrates with any current systems and processes. Using our Web Service API we can integrate, or enable your own technical team to integrate, your organisational systems. Ensuring workflows and financial systems seamlessly connect and that you truly have an end to end process flow for all your procurement and financial activities.

Integration Capability

Areas where we have integrated with our clients:

  • Customer data

  • Supplier data

  • Requisitions, specifications, attachments

  • Stock orders

  • Goods Receipting

  • Purchase orders

  • Bill of materials & works instructions

  • Purchase Invoices

  • Sales Invoices

  • Catalogue punch-out

  • Single sign on

  • BI and Analytics

  • Email Systems

  • Logistics

  • Web to Print

  • MIS / MRP

  • Finance Systems

  • Credit Card Systems

Web Services API

The Web Services API has helped many of our customers integrate directly with Enterprise-class systems such as:

  • SAP (financials)

  • SAP (Open Catalogue Interface)

  • Oracle


  • Agresso

  • DPD

  • Pentaho

  • Fishbowl

  • Xero

  • Ariba

  • Shoptech

  • Netsuite

  • Sage

  • AvaTax

  • Worldpay

  • QuickBooks


  • Trusted business process automation company

    Claritum is trusted, by both large and small organisations, to deliver optimised business processes.

  • Improve performance

    track and improve supplier and buyer performance

  • Reduce admin

    suppliers maintain their own profiles

  • Higher productivity

    Increase your productivity through business process automation, either in key focus areas or across your organisation.


  • Claritum's solution is proven - 10+ years of development
  • The solution enables users throughout your organisation to easily buy
  • The intuitive and familiar web experience ensures rapid user adoption and increased spend compliance and full audit ability.
  • You can access the system on any device and in any connected location
  • The solution enables you suppliers to easily engage in a purchasing event
  • The solution is highly resilient and COTS compliant
  • You can easily integrate to your internal systems and processes
  • You can lever other focused systems to carry out specific functions and use Claritum in specific domains: for example as a procurement portal for your users
  • Comprehensive messaging system for internal and external communications
  • Document and Form management
  • Supplier certification and key document tracking
  • Supplier rating