Contract pricing

Do you spend time on negotiating prices with suppliers only to find that these prices are not being adhered to across your organisation. Or perhaps you are missing price breaks on volumes that are achieved across the organisation, however you have no visibility of what has been purchased in total and who has purchased these volumes.

Ensuring your suppliers adhere to contractual pricing, and that users understand the pricing terms that you have agreed with these suppliers, is challenging unless these pricing schedules are integral to the process.

Claritum's cloud suite ensures suppliers adhere to your agreed contractual terms for product and service prices and any agreed volume rates for these products and services. Capturing the associated spend specific to any product or service across your organisation.

You can capture and agree these prices at the sourcing stage of the process. Creating a rate card, if appropriate, with start and expiry dates. Then these prices are clear to all within your organisation and any purchase automatically selects the appropriate price band.


  • Achieve cost savings

    Control every penny of your complex category expenditure through our integrated online sourcing, procurement and invoicing platform.

  • Leverage volume discounts

    lock in pre-negotiated rates

  • Ensure compliance

    Centrally control localized purchasing

  • Improve performance

    track and improve supplier and buyer performance


  • Add contract prices against line items
  • Include volume discounts and rate cards
  • Set up order windows to consolidate requirements and achieve contractual price breaks
  • Request pricing from multiple suppliers
  • Match invoices to agreed price schedules
  • Allow users to source from multiple vendors, with specific agreed vendor contract pricing
  • Provide pricing to users in local currencies (this can be different to the supplier payment currency)
  • Single entry global update of all pricing and catalogues