Are you manually processing standard, regularly purchased, items? Or, trying to collate demand across an organisation through spread sheets and emails? Perhaps, your organisation is purchasing directly from suppliers, administrators calling or emailing to source products and services?

Claritum’s cloud suite enables you to create User Portals where catalogues can be created for regularly purchased items. Claritum even supports requests for variations to catalogue items.

Claritum's cloud suite helps you to organise the products and services relevant to the users and the organisations specific sourcing requirements. Allowing you to configure the catalogues according to user or functional group specific requirements.

In addition you can organise by sourcing event types, so that users can take part in a specific sourcing event: maybe buying paper for photocopiers.

Users can easily access the catalogue to make purchases from a desktop, tablet or mobile device.


The portals, and catalogues within them, can be branded specific to an organisation and/or office. They can be organised by user view, so that users can see products and services relevant to their function. Specifications and images can be included, providing simple click to buy functionality.

Local Languages and Currencies supported

Local languages and currencies can be enabled on the portals to aid user adoption and ensure that it is clear what is being purchased and at what price. Note: this extends to suppliers so they can see and quote in local languages and currencies.


For each catalogue item, the platform assists the development of the specification detail to ensure consistency on pricing, product or service quality, operational functionality and ensures they are fit for purpose.

Images, descriptions and specifications are all available to the user. Making the experience very similar to a typical e-commerce platform. This familiarity ensures adoption of the solution throughout the organisation.

When developing specifications in the platform you can distinguish between product requirements and product preferences or types. Building in tolerances, if required, for suppliers to adhere to.

Currencies Supported

  • Any currency can be configured onto the Claritum system
  • Each user and supplier can be set to up with their own currency.
  • A global currency is used as a reference point for exchange rates.
  • The customer invoices, supplier invoices and projects can all be set up in different currencies.
  • Suppliers can enter prices in their own currency and the administrators will see them in their selected currency.
  • The administrators can easily view records in any currencies.
  • Prices can be entered directly in the desired currency.
  • For Procurement Service Providers, the Customer Portal will show all prices in the customer’s currency.
  • Any quotes and Confirmations are sent in the selected user’s currency.
  • Any supplier Purchase Order can be sent to the supplier in their currency.
  • Administrator’s can view savings in any currency.

Languages Supported

Each administrator, customer and supplier can be set to use their own language. Customer facing document templates are generated in the customer language. Supplier facing document templates are generated in the supplier language. Customers and suppliers will see all pages in their chosen language.

Languages supported include:

  • English (UK)
  • English (US)
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • Other languages are constantly being added to this list


of line items


less management time


more user adoption


  • Higher productivity

    Increase your productivity through business process automation, either in key focus areas or across your organisation.

  • Information at your finger tips

    24×7 global visibility of every transaction

  • Improved satisfaction

    Users enjoy a familiar shopping experience

  • Reduces maverick expenditure

    Significantly reduce maverick buying while minimizing costs

  • Faster

    automate requisitions, orders, approvals and goods receipting

  • Flexible

    integrate with your ERP or operate as a stand-alone platform


  • You can set up catalogues specific to user groups, categories and suppliers
  • Provide different views to different users
  • Provide information in local languages and currencies
  • Global update across all catalogues of products, pricing and specifications
  • Global update of currency conversions
  • Allowance for taxes, including cross border related taxes
  • Easy catalogues set up with simple design tools
  • Global or local branding
  • If you are a Procurement Service Provider you can brand the portal, and catalogues within, with your customers logo and corporate colours
  • If you are a global company you may have regional brand and colour differences or differences in branding by division. This is all supported on Claritum.